Citi Bike Undocking Tip: Lift to Separate

As a follow-up to last week’s post on our Citi Bike preview ride, it turns out there’s an easy way to coax a blue bike from its docking port. While the impulse may be to manhandle these hefty bikes once the release light turns green — as I did on my first outing — the following little trick makes the process a breeze:

“When you remove the bike from the docking station, the easiest way is to gently lift the bike by the seat and gently drop it,” says Dani Simons, director of marketing and external affairs for NYC Bike Share. “That releases the bike, and then you can pull back the handlebars without a struggle.”

To review:

1) Grasp saddle. 2) Lift and let go gently. 3) Use handlebars to roll the bike out.

I tried this at an additional preview last Friday, and found that it got me on my way fast and with minimal effort. Watch for new-user hints from Citi Bike as preview week for bike share members kicks off on May 27, Memorial Day.

To buy an annual membership or learn more, visit the bike share site:

Photo: velojoy

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