Ingenious Picnic Baskets for Bicycles

Bicycle Picnic Pannier

As temperatures rise and thoughts turn to al fresco dining, creative minds have been working overtime on inventive picnic baskets for bicycles. The Springtime concept (above) by Dutch designer Jeriël Bobbe, lets riders transport food, cups, dishes and utensils to their favorite idyllic spots in wooden panniers. When lifted off the bicycle’s rear rack, the pannier unit transforms into a compact picnic table with two facing seats, cushioned for comfort.

Bicycle Picnic Carrier

The one-off below, posted recently on Pinterest, fits a wooden bar, tricked out with dual speakers and a fold-out tray table, into the diamond frame of a bicycle. Combine this with the pannier and you can cover all picnic and party bases on one well-equipped bicycle.

Bicycle Bar

 Photos:  Springtime Picnic Basket

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