Knitting and Politics Converge in Sweater Art

With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in full swing in New York City, you might expect to find the knit sweater-and-skirt set (above and below) by Lisa Anne Auerbach on the runway. But rather than just making a fashion statement, this artist’s Sweaters! project boldly conveys, through the medium of knitting, personal and political messages about issues that are meaningful to her. Sharrow (above and below) is inspired by Auerbach’s experience as a bicycle commuter in car-driven Los Angeles, where her studio is located. Auerbach also created a zine series called Saddlesore, a journal of her urban bicycle-riding adventures. View more of Auerbach’s thought-provoking work, and covet it, as I do, for your closet. (h/t Tanya Quick)

Sharrow Sweater Lisa Anne Auerbach

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