Nabee Compression Socks: Treat for Sore Feet

Nabee Socks Kickstarter

Cyclists, triathletes, runners, pregnant women or anybody who stands for long periods can potentially benefit from compression socks to help fight sore legs and feet. These snug accessories help enhance circulation, prevent fluid build-up and flush waste products for quicker recovery after exercise.

Trouble is, most of them look more like medical devices than apparel and getting them on can be a struggle. That’s why Brian Park, a Washington D.C, runner and cyclist who also spends 12-hour days on his feet working in a hospital, created Nabee compression socks.  (The name means “butterfly” in Korean.)

Unimpressed with the plain vanilla looks of the athletic versions, Parks added cheery colors and patterns better suited to stylish everyday wear with regular clothes. Performance features include graduated compression (firmer at the ankle, diminishing toward the knee), a wider top that makes the socks easier to pull on, and a roomy toe box.

It all adds up to what Park calls an “all-day warm and happy hug.” You can give his treat for the feet a hand by supporting his Kickstarter.

Photo: Nabee

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