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Hollywood Girl Power Rides a Bike: How does a leading symbol of the new Hollywood Girl Power shave precious minutes from her jam-packed schedule? By using a bicycle. Elizabeth Meriwether, creator of the comedy series New Girl, is so busy writing and supervising production of the sitcom that she sometimes overnights on her couch at work, according to a profile last weekend in the WSJ Magazine. Meriwether shuttles between her office and the set on a pink Schwinn LuLu bicycle.  Although writer/producer reportedly cares little about Hollywood glamor, she follows in the path of Tinseltown luminaries like Lauren Bacall who piloted around around studio sets.


 If you want the beauty (of bicycle racing) back in your life, open up the front door, ride down the road, and remember what’s it’s like to propel a bicycle forward. It will make everything else go away.

– Richard Sachs, legendary bicycle builder

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Top photo: Darcy Hemley

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