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Charging Station

As we map our editorial schedule for an exciting new year of cycling coverage in NYC, we’ve also been looking back to the stories that were most popular among velojoy readers in 2012. Themes that got your attention? City cycling fashion and style, of course. But also, women’s cycling advocacy and the gender gap. And, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s fury. So here it is, our top-10 countdown to the No. 1 most popular post of 2012.

By the way, the photo above, which accompanies post No. 10, was also the most liked and commented-upon image on the velojoy Instagram feed. I shot it on the day after the storm, as Greenwich Village began to grapple with what would become a weeklong power outage in Lower Manhattan. A townhouse owner who was running a generator set up a make-shift outdoor charging station at which neighbors and passersby could power-up their mobile devices. The caption read: The kindness of strangers. Here’s to more of that in 2013!

10. (Photo Above) Biking NYC in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Reveal Cycling Skirt - Iva Jean

9. Smart Cycling Skirt for City Riding

Fifo Cycle Winter Cap

8. 10 Holiday Gifts for Bicycle Commuters

7. How to Lock Up Your Bicycle on NYC Streets

6. Why Would Anybody Ride a Fixed Gear Bike?

5. Breezy! Dresses and Skirts for Summer Cycling in the City

4. Why Settle for an Old Beater Bike When You Can Own a New One?

3.  The Nuttiest Thing That Ever Lodged in My Bike Tire

2. 10 U.S. Cities Where Female Cyclists Rule Roads

1. How NOT to Encourage Women to Ride Bicycles

Did you have a favorite not mentioned above? Please share it, and tell us why, in the comments below!

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