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What a week for Instagram, the photo sharing app on which we post photos that celebrate the joys of NYC cycling (above) a couple of times a day. Controversy erupted Monday, when the wildly popular app, which was acquired by Facebook last April, announced new terms of service that appeared to give the company the right to sell users’ information and photos to advertisers without compensation to the content creators. In the blow-back that followed, we saw some friends whose feeds we particularly enjoyed – for example, @amsterdamized, who documents daily street life in the cycling-mode-share mecca of Amsterdam – close their accounts in protest and migrate their sets to Flickr. Based on user feedback, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom subsequently revised the company’s stance.

We’re waiting and watching, but in the mean time, we’re sticking with Instagram! We delight in our community of city cyclists, racers, members of the fashion, design and photography worlds, and  friends and family members, and we continue to find Instagram one of the most creative and engaging social media platforms out there.

We invite you to check out our Instagram feed and join us!

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