Create an Easy DIY Down Tube Fender

DIY Bicycle Down Tube Fender

In wet or slushy weather, you can help shield your shoes, shins and bike frame from spritz while pedaling around town by creating this easy, DIY down tube fender. It’s constructed of a recycled soda or water bottle and attaches to your bicycle with a couple of cable ties from the hardware store. The clear half of a liter-capacity bottle yields a foul-weather “fix” that’s economical, indifferent to theft and practically invisible (photo above).

DYI Downtube Fender Project

1 empty water or soda bottle, quart or liter capacity
2 plastic cable ties
felt-tip pen
Utility knife (I used the bread knife from my kitchen; somewhere, Martha Stewart is rolling her eyes.)

1. Use the knife to cut off the threaded part of the water bottle spout, leaving a small section of the bottle neck.
2. Stand the bottle on end and carefully cut it in half length-wise.
3. Hold half of the bottle against your down-tube and use the felt-tip pen to mark the spots on either side of the tube around which you will thread the cable ties.
4. Use the knife to cut small slits where you marked the bottle with the pen.
5. Hold the bottle against the down tube again, and run the cable ties through the slits, securing them below the tube to avoid snagging clothes or other articles. Trim excess length from ties.

Ready to roll!

Photos: velojoy

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