Removeable Bicycle Headlight As Flashlight

Bicycle headlight as flashlight

Planet Bike BlazeUsing a bicycle headlight that’s removable from a handlebar bracket is the best way to prevent it from being stolen in the city. Slide it off. Pop it into your bag. Done.

Last week’s blackout, which plunged my neighborhood into Jonah-swallowed-by-the-whale darkness for 4 nights, shed light on another benefit: In what was either a duh moment or a flash of ingenuity, I discovered that my bright, LED headlight, once detached from its mount after my ride, makes a pretty handy emergency flashlight. It enabled me locate my keys and negotiate the way to my front door after I had locked up my bike on the street. I used it, as well, in the stairwell to help light the path to my apartment. Small thing? Yeah. But during an emergency the little things really add up.

Planet Bike Blaze ½-Watt LED Headlight, $34.99