10 Stylish Messenger Bags for City Cycling

Brooks England - Barbican Shoulder Bag

By Genevieve Walker

Messenger bags, typically one-shoulder, across-the-chest designs, are ideal for carrying necessities on a bike — especially if your ride isn’t equipped with a basket. Some of the same features that help working cyclists speed deliveries efficiently around town benefit commuters and casual cyclists as well.

The idea is that messenger bags don’t swing in front of you or hang in your way while you ride. The classic messenger style has a padded strap meant to be worn close and tight, keeping the bag high on the back. Sometimes these bags have a secondary, smaller strap to help hold the primary strap in place (see the bags from Brooks England, above, and Chrome in our slide show below).  In addition, your options aren’t limited to traditional canvas and nylon. Fashion’s love affair with the leather school satchel, which offers another across-the-chest option, is long-running. For city cycling, shorten up the strap for a snug fit, and you’re ready to ride.

(Photo above) Brooks England Barbican Shoulder Bag – Cotton with vegetable-tanned leather details. The ends of the shoulder straps fasten around the waist to help secure the bag and assure equal distribution of weight.
15 W x 11 H x 5 D $335

Editorial research: Christina Bogdan


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