Public Works: Art of the Bicycle Exhibit in NYC

Public Works Poster - Frank Chimero

Bicycles + art = love it! Especially when the designs are as bold and varied as in Public Works, a series of posters launched by Public, the San Francisco bicycle design company. An exhibition of the large-scale works, including the one above by Brooklyn-based graphic designer Frank Chimero, opens in Manhattan on Thursday and runs through October 25.

Public Works is inspired by the company’s commitment to move the needle of perception and embrace in the U.S. from bicycling as sport and recreation to transportation as a means of enhancing quality of life and public spaces in cities.

The 27 participating international artists — among them Maira Kalman, Michael Mabry, Paul Sahre, Paula Scher and Frank Viva — were asked to interpret in their own voices and styles “public” as it relates to “the bicycle and our public world.” View examples of the works in our slideshow below.

“The genre of the graphic poster has been something of a lost art in our modern culture,” said Rob Forbes, founder of Public, in a statement. ”When we say something is ‘posted,’ it usually refers to an online message. The poster medium allows for a unique public statement.”

The collection will be shown in NYC at the Soho store FLOS, an Italian designer of contemporary lighting, 152 Greene Street, and also will travel to other major cities.

The 20-in. by 30-in. posters are sold online, $50. Larger sizes and framed versions also are available.

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