cycling in the rain: how to keep your seat dry

When the weather threatens to turn sloppy, as it has over the past few days in NYC, I pull on rubber boots and grab the rain cape and rain pants that I keep in a basket near my front door before heading out on my bike. Shower ready, right? Not quite. I was reminded yesterday, when I exited a meeting to find water pooled on my bike seat, that there’s one essential accessory for cycling in the rain that I always seem to forget: a dry cloth to wipe off the saddle.

The simple solution that I added to my “rain basket” when I got home was a cotton bandana (below). It’s advantage over a random rag? A clean bandana’s emergence from the dryer is the perfect reminder to toss it back into my basket, where it will be ready for my next bicycle outing in the rain. (BTW, plastic seat covers that resemble shower caps are another solution to keeping your saddle dry while your bike is parked in the rain. Here’s one that’s made for Brooks saddles, here’s a multi-fit bike seat cover and here are instructions for making your own.)

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  • So many people just cover the seat with a shopping bag. Or you could use a disposable shower cap while it’s parked. BikeCapNL has some wonderful, inexpensive patterns of bike seat covers, and if I were so gifted, I’d get some oil cloth in attractive patterns and make more seat covers. So much potential.

    • Janice, thanks for reading and for sharing your comment! Good point: A plastic shopping bag is a simple solution. Re waterproof seat covers in attractive patterns, Etsy also is a good source.

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