New NYC Taxi Decals Warn Against Dooring

Cyclist Approaching NYC Cab

A safety campaign announced on Tuesday by the NYC Department of Transportation aims to help prevent crashes caused when taxi passengers swing car doors into the paths of cyclists.

The new effort provides 26,000 brightly colored “LOOK! for Cyclists” decals (below) to affix to rear passenger windows of the city’s 13,000 taxis. The message will be reinforced with a supporting video (bottom) broadcast via Taxi TV on backseat screens, as well as on the city’s NYC Life channel. The video urges, “Take your boss out, take your friends out, take your date out, but don’t take a cyclist out,” and warns passengers to exit at curbside and to always check for cyclists first.

Note: For tips on how to avoid the door zone when riding your bicycle, read our post, “8 Questions Frequently Asked by New Cyclists.”

Dooring Safety Decal for NYC Taxis

The anti-dooring initiative is part of the city’s ongoing campaign to improve street safety, both through engineering and by focusing on preventable behaviors that cause accidents. It is an extension of the Look! campaign, launched last week, that places safety markings for pedestrians and motorists at 200 high-crash crosswalks throughout the city.

Commuter bike riding has more than doubled between 2007 and 2011 and nearly quadrupled in the last decade, while the risk of death and serious injury for riders has fallen by nearly 75 percent, according to the NYC DOT. Still, crashes caused by dooring killed seven cyclists in the past five years.


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