Interbike Through An Instagram Lens

After a whirlwind trip to Vegas for the Interbike bicycle trade show, which drew record attendance of more than 25,500, we’ve got plenty to report. New products, pretty accessories, shiny gadgets, inspiring meetings, and swag (talk to us about organic energy gels) in tow, we’re pretty excited to share…and pretty overwhelmed. So we figured we’d start by giving you a snapshot, or many, of North America’s largest gathering of bicycle manufacturers, retailers, industry advocates and media, as seen through the lens of Instagram. Enjoy!

Interbike Instagram Montage 2

Interbike Instagram Montage 3

Key, from top left:

1. Electric bikes made beautiful 2. Brooks impromptu tie clip 3. Bobbins at Fourth Floor 4. Cinelli van 5. Bright basket from Electra 6. City lights 7. Carradice bag 8. Ally Capellino shoulder bags 9. Brompton stacks 10. Po Campo rack bag 11. Taxidermy at Chrome booth 12. Pegoretti frame 13. ‘Build more than Bicycles’ campaign 14. Head badge obsession 15. Randos with Euro-Asia Imports bags 16. City lights 17. City bikes 18. Velo Orange Campeur 19. Q-Lite octopi lights 20. Cruisers 21. Pegoretti fur saddle 22. Lizard Skin bar tape 23. Rain gear testing center 24. Velo Orange randos

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