Stylish Cycling Gear Debuts at Fashion Week

Vespertine Bicycling Vest - Flower Detail

Although designers sometimes incorporate bicycles into runway shows, Vespertine’s presentation of reflective women’s cycling gear for stylish safety at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week may have been a fashion first.

Interest was brisk among press and invited guests who assembled for Vespertine designer Sarah Canner’s presentation at The Box at Lincoln Center on Friday morning. Apparel and accessories, including the Road Hog vest with reflective Blossom Flower pins (above), all with stylish reflective details, looked novel and fresh on models dressed in identical white shirtwaist dresses (also of Canner’s design).

Vespertine - Fashion Week 2012

Canner (below), who is based in New York City, is among a growing contingent of bicycle-loving women entrepreneurs who are focusing on the sweet spot between fashion and function in apparel designed for style-conscious urban cyclists.

Sarah Canner - Vespertine Designer

Equestrian Helmet That’s Not for Trotting

As I traveled downtown from the Vespertine presentation, I encountered a woman in the loveliest equestrian helmet jetting up Sixth Avenue on her bicycle. Fashion writer Laura Neilson, who was on her way to Lincoln Center, was kind enough to stop for a photo. A former equestrian, Neilson says she hasn’t been able to find a bicycle helmet that suits her as well as this. Everyone should look this good in protective head gear!

Laura Neilson - Bicycle NYC

Three-Wheeling Fashion Promos

The competition for (sunglass-shaded) eyeballs during Fashion Week is fierce, and there’s no shortage of creative attention-getters — some on three wheels in the streets.

Longchamp Pedicabs FNO

Pedicabs were on duty at Fashion’s Night Out NYC last Thursday for the debut of Longchamp’s fall campaign film, Oh! My Bike, at the French handbag and luggage maker’s Rockefeller Center store. A star of the film, model Coco Rocha (above), took a back seat.

We spotted the work tricycle below on Columbus Avenue in front of Lincoln Center. Outfitted with a generous cargo cabinet, it’s plying the streets to distribute freebies to the Fashion Week hive.

Work Tricycle - Fashion Week Promo

Photos: Pedicab, Sara Kauss/Getty Images North America; All others, velojoy