Make a Musette Bag Out of 3 Grocery Sacks

A bounty of fruits, vegetables and flowers awaits cyclists as they pedal past city green markets and country roadside stands at this time of year. As tempting as making a purchase may be, sometimes, especially when traveling by road bike, there’s no way to carry the goods. Other times, as when velojoy contributor Kim Burgas (above) wanted to transport an armload of hydrangeas home from the beach, panniers or bike baskets are already filled. A free, on-the-fly solution is to create a simple musette bag by tying together three plastic grocery sacks — the kind used at most markets. One bag serves as the carrier, and two additional bags, knotted together, form a sturdy shoulder strap. Here’s a quick DYI video. Double-bag it if you’ve got an extra-heavy load, and enjoy the corn and sunflowers!

Top photos: Genevieve Walker

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  • very smart and simple idea. I would load the handlebars in the manner of delivery people and videos I’ve seen of European utility bikers doing their shopping, first to keep the weight lower for better balance.

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