How to Replace Bicycle Helmet Pads

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the Giro Atmos helmet that I wear for weekend road cycling had become a little too well-loved. Although the outer shell still looked new, exposure to sweat and the elements had gradually worn to wisps (photo above) the slim interior pads that help maintain a secure and comfortable fit. The deterioration had also begun to expose the scratchy rounds of Velcro that keep the pads in place, causing forehead irritation.

I had started to browse online for a new Atmos, which would have cost $180, when I discovered that $5 buys a set of replacement pads from Giro. Once I pulled the remains of the original pads off their mounts, it took less than 2 minutes to position and affix the new ones, no special skills required. As you can see from the “after” photo (below), the interior of my helmet looks, and now feels, new.

A search for replacement pads for other helmet brands yielded kits for Nutcase and Specialized and, from Western Bike Works, kits for Bell, Catlike and additional Giro models. However, if your pads wear out, and you can’t find parts specific to your model, you might try improvising with this universal foam pad replacement kit.

Above: Worn helmet pads have been replaced with identical new ones.
Giro Atmos replacement helmet pad set.

Research by velojoy editorial intern Christina.


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