VIP Indoor Parking Spot for Your Bicycle

To keep their beloved bicycles safe from theft, many New Yorkers have no choice but to roll them into their apartments. And we know what’s rolling in with them: moisture, street dirt, grime. That’s why the bicycling equivalent of the splat mat for high chairs, well known to moms and dads, seems like such a great idea.

Designer Andre Dettler says he created SketchDecks indoor bicycle storage mats based on his own experience as a New York City cyclist. “Over the years I have seen how messy my floors and rugs can get,” he says. The dye-cut, non-woven polyester mats with rubber grips to help them stay put, also provide a canvas for bold, NYC-inspired graphics. Currently available in three patterns, the 64-in.-long by 10-in.-wide mats, resembling snow boards in shape, accommodate a variety of bicycle sizes. For more how to’s and product tips visit our Pinterest board on indoor bicycle storage.

SketchDecks Graphic-Printed Bike Mat, $14.99 (including shipping and handling)

Compiled by velojoy editorial intern Christina. Photos: Sketchdecks

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