Seatpost 6.22.12: NYC Cycling Culture This Week

Sister Sessionf Film -- BMX Riders

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, June 28 – Sunday, July 1 — Bicycle Film Festival

This year’s 25-city tour of the Bicycle Film Festival kicks off in New York City with a diverse program of feature-length films and shorts at the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan. In its twelfth edition, this celebration of bicycle-themed art, music and film arrives at a pivotal moment.

“Bike share, commuting, the road racing spike…” observes BFF Founder Brendt Barbur. “This is the biggest year ever for bikes in New York!”

What I love best about the BFF is the opportunity to delve into dimensions of cycling culture — thrilling, inspiring, whimsical — that I might never encounter otherwise: Thus, I’m particularly looking forward to: the world premiere of Line of Sight, featuring more than a decade’s worth of heart-palpitation-producing helmet-cam coverage of alleycat races by cinematographer Lucas Brunelle, and Sister Session, an all-female production focusing on the small, but closely knit world of women’s BMX biking, filmed at Simple Session, a world-famous BMX and skating jam (photo above).  Click for the BFF program and film trailers and to purchase tickets.

Friday, June 29 — Meet Georgena Terry

In conjunction with the BFF premiere of a short film profiling her storied career, Georgena Terry, a pioneer of woman-specific road bicycle frame building, and founder of Terry Bicycles, will make an appearance at EMS in Soho from  3- 5 p.m. to talk women’s cycling. It’s an opportunity  to meet an industry icon. Click for information.

Down the Road:

Wednesday, July 4Subscribe to velojoy today and be the first to get our Hamptons Riding Guide with scenic routes, stylish gear and hot spots to stop for coffee, food and shopping!

Saturday, June 30 to Sunday, July 2299th Tour de France

Sunday, July 8Tour de Queens
Glass with Rubber Bands

New! Biking Well

With temperatures hovering in the 90s this week, hydration was top-of-mind among NYC bike commuters. The long-held rule of eight 8-ounce glasses a day for women actually falls short, according to a study by the Institute of Medicine. Women should drink at least nine cups of total beverages per day (13 cups for guys) and more in excessive heat to avoid dehydration and keep all the body’s functions running smoothly. Despite good intentions, remembering to sip throughout the day can be a challenge. That’s why we like this tip for tracking intake: Keep a water glass and a handful of rubber bands at your desk. Each time you empty the glass wrap one of the rubber bands around its base so you’ll know where you stand!

Friday Bicycle Link Love from Around the Web:

Thanks for the bike love in “7 Workouts You’ve Probably Never Tried…But Should!” We’re thrilled to be included.

What I’ve been riding around town: Read my review of the new Pashley Penny in Momentum Magazine. It’s a snappy steel mixte frame that’s based on the parachute bikes used by paratroopers during World War II.

Speed-camera proposal advances: The New York Times reported this week that a proposal to use cameras to automatically ticket motorists who exceed the legal speed limit in the city — usually 30 miles per hour — is gaining momentum in Albany. What a relief for any cyclist or pedestrian who’s felt the unwelcome breeze of a truck barreling past at an unconscionable speed.

Bike lanes for better health: The latest CDC data sees a correlation between biking and walking infrastructure and lower obesity rates in metro areas.

Making a helmet look good: Loved this article in the London Evening Standard in which stylish city cyclists dish about looking hot in a helmet. Pin curls and dry conditioner…who knew?

Advocacy’s opposite: In The Atlantic, an American living in London laments the growing popularity of cycling for transportation. Seems he liked it better when he had the roads to himself and you’ll understand why as he describes cut-throat competition in the British bike lanes that makes New Yorkers look like “genteel, pinkie-pointing tea-sippers pottering around Manhattan with parasols.” Wow!

And finally:

My friend Robin who writes the popular blog Urban Gardens sent me the link to this mesmerizing symphony of bicycle sounds. Cue it up as a weekend treat for your ears and the eyes:

Bicycle Sounds from Stephen Meierding on Vimeo.

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