twig terrariums: bicyclists in glass houses

A few months ago, at a craft fair in SoHo, I came across the Twig booth with its eye-catching display of terrariums imaginatively and dexterously created in Brooklyn by Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow. Thoughtfully selected vessels, some new, some vintage, are packed with delicate mosses and ferns for tabletop display. What makes them truly special is a tiny surprise: a figure that gives human scale to the green fantasy behind the glass. Naturally, I zeroed in on the jar that contained a miniature man on a bicycle (above), but a wide variety of evocative miniatures is available (below).

Twig Terrariums

When I e-mailed Twig to ask for a hi-res photo, I heard back from Daniel Schwarz, who manages projects and accounts. And it turns out, he’s way into bikes.

His 1985 Merckx Strada (below) with a Campagnolo Chorus graphite group is his go-to ride for a daily 10-mile round-trip commute between Williamsburg and Gowanus. But Schwarz also owns a Land Shark for local weekend road cycling and a custom Icarus touring bike. “I hope that didn’t come across as classic bike nerd banter,” he noted in an e-mail after cataloging his rides. “But what can I say? I like bikes.”

Of his work at Twig’s Brooklyn studio, Schwarz says: “I do a lot of the custom design and work with the customers to help them narrow down their ideas and needs. I really like helping them realize their visions in miniature.”

For the crafty, Twig also runs workshops on terrarium building.

photos: Twig Terrariums

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