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We’ve focused recently on demystifying the journey to enjoying all the fun and benefits of riding a bicycle in New York City. When I think about my own experiences as a city cycling newbie, I had a ton of questions and I would have appreciated getting started with a group of experienced commuters. That’s why the Biketrain concept seems so on-point as interest in commuting continues to grow.

Biketrain enables people to commute together for safety in numbers, plus sociability, along routes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Biketrain run by Kimberly Kinchen and velojoy contributor Kim Burgas, which began with a few regular commuters, has been attracting first-time riders seeking to build their skills in a supportive environment during Bike Month, reports Burgas.

Very fun! Like a commuter party! It was [my co-worker’s] first time over the Manhattan Bridge. She was really surprised by the number of bike lanes in Manhattan and how much easier they made the ride — her biggest concern was riding in car traffic. She said she’s in for the next Biketrain, too. ~ Carla, recent Biketrain participant

With months of prime bike riding season ahead, every week can be Bike to Work Week. Here’s a look at how Biketrain works on the Brooklyn route on Thursday mornings:

Bicycle Commuter Meet-Up at Red Lantern Bike Shop

Biketrain commuters, including Kimberly Kinchen (left) and Steve Jacobs, meet for coffee at the Red Lantern Bicycle Shop in Fort Green between 7:30 and 8:15 a.m.

Biketrain commuters in Brooklyn

At 8:15 ride leader Kinchen reviews the route for the morning, as well as general riding skills.

Bike riding across Manhattan Bridge

The group crosses the Manhattan Bridge with Kinchen in the lead and Kim Burgas watching out for the back of the line.

Cyclists in Manhattan

Biketrain arrives on the Manhattan side of the bridge: riders proceed up the East Side to Midtown.

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photos: Kim Burgas

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