bicycle motif rolls through design pop-ups

Have you noticed? Current design pop-ups, temporary and permanent (I’ll explain), online and in-store, all seem to include bikes or cycling accessories or bike-themed objects. Coincidence? Nah. Beyond bike-besotted customers, two-wheelers seem to evoke, even in people who don’t ride them, the happy and carefree spirit with which purveyors of high-style goods presumably want to associate themselves. In addition, the bicycle’s role as a platform for design innovation itself adds logic to the association.

With color, capital C, the leitmotif of the moment, shoppers will find hi-viz Bookman Lights and Pure Fix bicycles with vibrant rims at’s color-inspired online promotion. At Story on Tenth Avenue, where theme, decor and merchandise change every six weeks or so — making it something like a permanent pop-up, with pauses — goods for women, men, kids and home are currently arranged by hue. Bicycle clips (above, 4 for $6) are paired with colorful desk appointments in both the blue and orange sections of the store. And finally, this weekend’s Model Citizens exhibition offers, among handcrafted furniture and tabletop items, cycling accessories by makers such as Dargelos and Wearable Planter. It’s all good(s).

Manhattan retailer - Story
The blue section at Story, where merchandise is currently displayed by color. photos: velojoy
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