discovering the little black dress of bicycle lights

Bicycle lights come in such an amazing array of clever and colorful designs that it’s tempting to buy them all and accessorize according to daily whim. The Knogs! The Bookmans! As much as I love them all, my most recent obsession is a single-LED model (above) that may just be the bicycling equivalent of the little back dress: Elegant, imminently useful, but understated.

Bontrager Ember Light SetWhat I love about Bontrager Glo (white) and Ember (red) multi-use lights is that they’re easy to hide in plain sight on the street — as shown after the jump below — so I can keep them mounted at all times with fewer worries about theft.

They provide a perfect backstop for days when I forget to toss my full-size, bracket-mounted lights into my purse, or when a long day stretches into twilight. A breeze to install with a silicon strap on handlebars, seat stays or helmets, the lights activate with a single touch and operate in steady or flashing mode for 40 to 45 hours.

Bontrager Glo and Ember Multi-Use Lights, $14.99 each

Bontrager Glo Light - Alt. View


  • I totally agree with you about these lights.. they are small, simple, and effective for city cycling. One thing I did was replace the strap with black zip-ties to make them even harder to remove.

    • Nick, good suggestion. Thanks for sharing. I’m also a fan of using zip ties to secure bells, baskets, etc. They won’t prevent theft, but an added layer of deterrent can’t hurt!

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