yes, i rode my bicycle to work in these heels

Kim in Union Square

By Kim Burgas

People often ask me “Do you bike in those?” referring to my heels. Or “Did you bike in that?” pointing to my dress or skirt. And the answer is always “Yes, of course.”

As an everyday cyclist in New York City, I shop for clothes that are stylish and comfortable on my bike. But that doesn’t necessarily mean  “bike apparel.”

Case in point: One recent afternoon I was out for lunch near my office at Union Square  when I bumped into fellow New York City cyclist and photographer Dmitry Gudkov, who snapped this photo of me (right). I biked to work that morning, so this outfit is typical of my choices:

  • Let’s start with the shoes. Three-inch heels have never stopped me from riding. In fact, higher ones haven’t either.  I find there is very little difference between pedaling in flat soles and heels, so I ride in heels regularly and with ease.
  • Now on to the coat. I bike throughout the winter in my favorite wool coat; it’s long enough to cover my bum and part of my legs and it’s the perfect weight. With wool, I rarely have a problem with temperature regulation that I have found otherwise difficult when wearing a down coat.
  • And the pants. I recently found these gems, and I’m in love. They are Levi’s Well & Crafted; I picked them up at Brooklyn Denim Co. Tapered legs are a no-fuss solution for avoiding chain grease. No need to roll these beauties! Furthermore, the pants are lightly waxed, making rainy days a breeze.

As this photo circulated among friends online, the usual questions arose. And my answer was, “Yes, I biked in this.” When it comes to riding around New York City,  you don’t have to make concessions. Chances are that what you’re wearing right now will work just fine.

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