basket-full of bike romance for valentine’s day

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A Valentine’s Day thought:

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. ~ Marilyn Monroe

The photo is via Rides a Bike, the Tumblr blog that continues to delight us with romantic pics of movie stars and celebs on bicycles. Now, its creator, Steven Rea, has assembled 125 of these color and black-and-white gems into a hardcover book, Hollywood Rides a Bike, from Angel City Press.

Congratulations to Our Winner!

Lori Berkowitz is the winner of  a 2012 Simi Mini Dot helmet from Nutcase in our Bike Crush Valentine Day’s facebook contest! Her bike crush: pro cyclist Cadel “Cuddles” Evans. Thank you to every one who entered!

Bicycling ‘Made Me Fall in Love with Him a Little More’

Amsterdam Kiss

A new velojoy reader from New York City, Jenée Naquin, sent us this photo of her true-life bike crush Ari Dolegowski. It was shot in Amsterdam on the day after the couple became engaged. Of course, Jenée says, they rode bikes every day. She writes: “My fiancé, Ari, taught me to ride in the city and it’s one of our favorite things to do together. It’s actually one of the things that made me fall in love with him a little more.” Thanks for sharing, Jenée!

For Love of the Bicycle Hop

When I traveled to Amsterdam myself  last summer and spent a week exploring the cycle tracks and canals, I often saw young women riding side-saddle on the backs of their boyfriends’ bicycles. They invariably clasped a bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper as they coasted, carefree and with other-worldly grace, through the streets. The Sartorialist captures that essence closer to home in the photo above posted to the Tiffany’s What Makes Love True website.

And the little hop onto the moving bike? It does require some finesse. The blog Amsterdamize breaks down the sexy, hug-and-go technique in slow-mo in this wonderful video:

A Three-Act: The Dutch Side Saddle Hop from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.

Bike Date Series

Finally, if you need a little inspiration for dating on a bike, check out the love matches on the Simply Bike blog’s  Bike Dates series,

Happy Valentine’s Day, with ♥ from!

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