tell us about your valentine’s bike crush!

Cupid for Valentine's Day

Remember the giddy excitement of exchanging cards in school on Valentine’s Day? For the romantic fantasies they inspired, we liked the ones from secret admirers best. In honor of sweet amour on two wheels this week, we’re asking you to share your (secret) bike crush on our facebook page! Details after the jump…

Simi Mini Dot Bicycle Helmet - Nutcase

Is your bike crush a guy, a girl, a hot bicycle you covet, the pup who rides in your basket? Reveal all  for your chance to win the spring-fresh 2012 Simi Mini Dots bicycle helmet from Nutcase (right) with a magnetic buckle for easy, one-handed operation.

Sure, we’d love it if you “Love” our facebook page. But we’ll settle for a “Like,” so we can share lots more cycling goodness with you in the future.

CLICK HERE and scroll down to the polka-dot helmet photo to tell us “Who or what is your bike crush?” A winner will be selected at random from among commentors, and announced the week of Valentine’s Day. Good luck!

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  • I met w my bike crash at a bike event that I attended. It was a kind of event where we biked from one house to another for a four course meal. The attendance fee used for the local women polo bike club. I am lucky to have these kind of events at my home time. Shhh… can not reveal his name though .. maybe his initials RB 🙂

    • Elif, so the event was like a progressive dinner party on bikes? What a great idea for a fundraiser. Ahem, I hope RB is reading this. Thanks for your comment!

  • Rahm Emanuel, who a) to be fair, was already a long-standing celebrity crush but then went and tipped the scales by b) pledging to bring 50 miles of *protected* bike lanes to Chicago *every year* of his mayoral term. Now that is hot.

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