a vintage cruiser bicycle joins the velojoy family

Look what my husband parked under the Christmas tree! “Close your eyes,” he said, and when I opened them, there she was: A girl’s AMF Roadmaster Jet Pilot cruiser manufactured in the late ‘50s or early ‘60s.

(Bicycle historians help me out here!)

The bicycle’s curvaceous frame design sports a faux gas tank, characteristic of the first cruiser bikes from the ’30s, which drew their inspiration from motorcycles.

It’s equipped with a coaster brake, truss rod forks, chrome rims and fenders, a chain guard, front and rear carrier racks, integrated dual headlights, and a button-activated horn. (An earlier, red and white men’s version of the Jet Pilot that I checked out on eBay yesterday had an additional cool feature: a sprocket with cut-outs shaped like stars.)

After we finish restoring her, my cruiser is bound for the beach. It’s not too early to start planning summer vacation 2012, is it? Thanks Pete, for this super-fun present!

photos: velojoy

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  • I had/have this exact bike from my childhood but mine has the sprocket with the cut out shape stars and jeweled reflectors in some of the star shapes (green & red in color). I must say yours is in much better condition than mine currently is but I very much enjoyed mine as a youngster and weather has taken it’s toll over the years. Thanks for posting the pic! It’s really nice!

    • Thank you for sharing this! I’ve seen photos online of the model with the star cut-outs that you describe. Such a divine detail. My husband and I are working on removing some lingering rust and doing some minor repairs, so the bike will be ready to ride for spring. Perhaps you’ll bring yours back into service as well? Please keep us posted!

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