asks: what’s in your bike bag?

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Our monthly series What’s in your bike Bag? asks city cyclists to share their tips for toting essentials around town by bicycle for work or fun. Graphic designer, creator of the Get Fancy! bike rides and contributor Kim Burgas opens her bag:

Kim: Biking in New York City for me means independence and enjoyment. The contents of my bag help ensure that my ride is as easy as possible, allowing me to focus on the joys of commuting. Because I bike almost every day to client meetings, I like to keep a low(er) profile as a “cyclist.” My bag is practical (spacious and made of water-resistant waxed canvas) and stylish, serving all my needs!

What’s in my bag:

  1. A rear light clipped to the strap of my bag. I’m a fan of this light because I can easily attach it to any bag, my bike or my coat.
  2. My helmet. While some like to lock their helmets to their bikes, I prefer to carry mine with me. I opt for the hands-free method of clipping the helmet around the backpack strap. Dangling at my hip, the helmet is out of my way and becomes an occasional and welcome conversation starter.
  3. We all love wool for winter riding and I love this merino wool hat by Icebreaker because, in addition to being super-warm, it’s reversible, so I can wear toned-down grey for day and bright blue for evening.
  4. Leg warmers. Rolling up my pant leg to avoid my chain exposes my leg to the cold, so I regularly carry leg warmers with me to protect my calves.
  5. Just in case I need to swing by a gas station to pump up my tires, I always carry a valve adapter.

What are your “can’t do without” items for commuting by bike?

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