light-emitting cycling jacket that won’t break bank

By Genevieve Walker

During dark winter commutes, maintaining visibility for safety is more important than ever. While there are several cycling jackets with built-in lights currently on the market, they tend to be expensive. We recently learned of one that sells for around $100.

The Proviz jacket is equipped with electroluminescent, blue-colored light strips running along each underarm. The waterproof jacket comes in fluorescent yellow or black, in both male and female cuts, and also sports reflective strips on both arms. The light strips have a life of 4,000 hours and run on two AA batteries in a jacket pocket

Proviz says that electroluminescent light comes from “organic, specially treated phosphor. When a small electrical charge is run through the phosphor, the particles instantly glow.” For more on this type of lighting, read this article from the Guardian.

What the jacket may lack in style, it makes up in an attractive list price: $110. The website Bike Hugger recently gave it a thumbs up in its own test, but noted that despite underarm and back vents, the jacket is plastic and therefore can cause sweating.

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photo: proviz

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