velojoy asks: what’s in your bike bag?

Updated 11.3: Congratulations to Sarah Goodyear, winner of the Fjallraven back pack below + a gift card for Swedish sweets from Sockerbit NYC. Watch for the next installment of our “What’s In Your Bike Bag?” series for your chance to win!

We’re excited to introduce a new monthly series: What’s in your bike bag? Here, everyday cyclists share tips for toting essentials when traveling around town by bicycle for work and play. First up is graduate student in magazine writing and velojoy contributor Genevieve Walker:

Genevieve: City cycling for me means a daily commute to work and school. Since I leave the house in the morning and come home at night, I often carry quite a lot with me. But I’m able to keep my load relatively light. My system begins with a smallish, water-resistant bag with side pockets. When I’m not riding, my bag acts as my purse and an anchor for the bits that I remove from my bicycle when I lock it up.

What’s in my bag:

  1. A helmet. Ok, this isn’t in my bag, it’s usually clipped to the outside.
  2. Bike lights. For long days I make sure to have my lights in case I’m out after dark. These are small and fit perfectly in the side compartments of my bag.
  3. My clip-on fender. For sudden NYC rain showers, this clip-on fender is fabulous. It has to be removed for extended parking, but it slides easily into a side pocket of my bag.
  4. My cycling gloves. These usually hang out by my lights.
  5. And for me––writer and illustrator––a notepad and pen is crucial. These two items are stored safely inside the bag, usually next-door to my lunch, a book or two, an extra shirt to change into after a long ride, headphones, wallet, and the usual revolving circus of daily necessaries.
Thanks Adeline Adeline bike shop and Sockerbit Scandinavian candy store in NYC for partnering in this giveaway!
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