conceptual art travels ‘wheresoever’ by bicycle

Lawrence Weiner Bicycle Princess Sovereign -
photo: new museum

Contemporary art lovers are accustomed to viewing the works of Lawrence Weiner on the walls of galleries and museums. Now, the prolific artist’s words and graphics travel by bicycle, too.

The New Museum in Manhattan offers a limited edition of hand-painted Pashley bicycles with applied vinyl graphics designed by Weiner, who is known as a founder of conceptual art in the ‘60s.

“Lawrence’s artwork is intended to be interpreted subjectively, so the words and images on the bicycle will mean different things to different people,” says Jarrett Gregory, a New Museum assistant curator. “The format of a bicycle is ideal because it travels so freely, and consequently the content does too.”

Gregory, a daily bicycle commuter, conceived the project and enlisted Weiner, whom she had met while working on the artist’s 2007 retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

“I recognized that many artists ride bikes, and our audience does, too,” Gregory says, adding that this is the first edition introduced under a New Museum Bicycle Club theme, which is meant “to celebrate the bicycle and other green initiatives within the arts community.”

The black and bright-blue bicycles, with the word ”wheresoever” on the chain- and skirt-guards, are etch-signed by Weiner in a numbered edition of 10, plus two artist proofs.

Lawrence Weiner Bicycle Edition, Women’s Pashley Princess Sovereign and Men’s Roadster Sovereign, $3,000.

photo: new museum

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