stressed-out nyc bike messenger finds his voice

As cyclists and as citizens, we all have days when the noise and crowds of New York City overwhelm us. How we cope is the measure of our humanity. That’s what filmmaker Geoff Feinberg, who teamed up with New York City bicycle messenger Nathan Baer, meditates on in the wonderful short film Locomotive.

Baer (who has another occupation that I won’t share because it would be a spoiler) recounts a day, early in his experience as a bicycle messenger when, broke, hungry and overworked, he reaches a breaking point on the street. How he regains his equilibrium is an inspiring tale of the city.

Locomotive is among three short films competing for airing on the Reel 13 film series at 9 p.m. this Saturday night on WNET, channel 13. Cast your vote by following this link: But hurry — the competition closes tonight at 5 p.m.!

(Thanks velojoy contributor Kim Burgas for sharing the link.)

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