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Cruiser Candy Bike -

The pink Cruiser Candy van rolled onto the show floor of the Interbike cycling expo bearing a treasure-trove of bejeweled bells, zebra-print bicycle basket liners, mini fuzzy dice and tiki-inspired handlebar beverage holders, all designed to personalize — to the max — bicycles and beach cruisers. Theirs is the Dolly Parton of exhibitor booths, where more is always more, and the wattage is outshone only by the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip outside the Sands Expo Center. Accustomed as I am to black and mostly muted colors on the streets of NYC, it’s always fun to get a hit of Surf City cycling style from this Huntington Beach, CA-based favorite.

Photo above: Purchases of $10 raffle tickets for a chance to win a bedazzled cruiser bike were accompanied by free Jello shots.

New for 2012 from Cruiser Candy:

Cruiser Candy Valve Cap
Globe style valve caps are embellished with crystals, $19.99.
Cruiser Candy Decals
Crystal decals, sold in packs of eight, are designed to customize bicycle fenders and frames, $14.99
Cruiser Candy Beverage Holders
Handlebar-mounted beverage holders carry coffee...or frozen margaritas, $19.99
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