an udderly charming set of bicycle panniers

Some girls jet straight to Viktor & Rolf on Herengracht in Amsterdam for high-style Dutch frocks. Me? I like to scout local bike shops for accessories when I travel. At a bicycle and scooter rental shop on Spuistraat, I snapped up these roomy white panniers (above) screened with spotted dairy cows.

Maybe my purchase was inspired by our ride into the pastoral Groengebied Amstelland outside Amsterdam (below), or perhaps it was just a sign of my fondness for Dutch cheese.

Cow in Grass Double Pannier, Mirage, waterproof vinyl, reflective safety strips, 13 in. H x 13 1/2 in. W x 4 1/2 D, $45. Check out 10 more pannier picks here.

Farm Land

This was a surprise. People leave panniers (below) on their bicycles when they park on the street in Amsterdam. Wondering how long these would last on the sidewalks of New York City. Update: Marc, creator of the blog Amsterdamize, says via twitter that because panniers like the ones shown below are relatively inexpensive and commonplace there’s little incentive to steal them. Thanks, Marc!

Bike panniers street Amsterdam -

photos: velojoy

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  • I have these cow panniers – different style but have to say that as a cyclist in the USA I worry about leaving them out when parked. There are plastic guides on the top. I was told these can be cut and you can use your own Velcro chords to make them “easy-on-easy-off” to carry with you. Just seems there is a missing hack. If anyone has found a way to use those top insert things let me know.

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