weekend bicycling in springs: a favorite stop

photos: velojoy

Sunday must have been the most perfect summer day yet to ride a bicycle. I spent the weekend in East Hampton, and pedaled up along the shaded roads of Springs to Maidstone Beach overlooking Gardiners Bay. No bike ride through this area would be complete without a stop at the Springs General Store on Old Stone Highway for coffee, a fruit smoothy, a classic egg sandwich, or a home-style lunch. I love the lore attached to this pine-shingled establishment, which dates to 1847 and where artist Jackson Pollock was among the better-known customers, famously bestowing a painting on the store’s owner.

photo: Tim Lee

Rides with friends often include a pause on the wooden chairs and benches that line the store’s wide porch. On Sunday, I made a new discovery.

Between the main building and a smaller shed where kayaks are for rent stands a gate marked Pussy’s Pond Garden. Push it open and a serene green patch, dewy and fragrant in the morning, awaits. I shot the photo above from beneath a vine-covered pergola in the garden, where I drank a coffee before continuing on my way. Hope you had a great weekend ride, too!


At Quail Hill Farm in Amagansett, quiches cooked in egg shells offered a quick hit of protein.
Hydrangeas are in bloom throughout the Hamptons. I took an arm-load home for my office.

photos: velojoy

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