bicycling in a romper is a summer breeze

The Style section of The New York Times recently highlighted the current popularity of rompers, those carefree, shirt-and-shorts-in-one pieces that are often cut in comfy cotton.

I love the idea of rompers for bicycling in the heat of summer. They combine the airiness and femininity of a sundress with the ease in the saddle of shorts, and offer a welcome fix for the gap between pants and a top that can feel awkward or unflattering, especially when reaching forward on a bike with drop handlebars. Even the word “romper” endearingly suggests summer fun.

So maybe it’s no surprise that Jennifer Murray of the newcomer label Edith A. Miller told the Times that “girls on bikes” helped inspire the retro-liscious design above (back view): “You always want to wear a cute outfit to ride a bike. It’s the perfect thing.”

Romper, Edith A. Miller, $172,

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  • I love rompers. Only downside is that you are practically naked when you have to take it down to go to the bathroom. Naked at Target, naked in a port-a-potty, etc.

    But the cuteness is worth it and most have pockets!

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