city cycling tips for rising temperatures

Ankle Boots for Bicycling
photos: velojoy
After a week of rain in New York City, temporarily clear skies lured crowds of cyclists to the Hudson River Greenway in Manhattan on Saturday morning. Even as the days grow warmer, many regular riders prefer footwear with heavy-duty soles, including loafers, brogues, canvas sneakers and leather sandals. They lend traction and support to pedaling and help protect feet from the heat of sun-baked pavement. The light suede ankle boots, which the cyclist above wore with a summery linen jacket and shorts, provide another sturdy and attractive option.

Hat Clip for BicycleStraw fedoras (above) are popular fashion accessories for spring. Take one along for your ride to help shade your skin from the sun, or to obscure a bad hair day, after removing your helmet. A breezy solution to preventing your hat from getting creased or from flying away? Use a zip-tie to attach a clip like the one above (purchased at the Container Store) to your bag or bike basket.

Straw Basket on Folding Bike

For folding-bicycle riders, a market basket suspended from handlebar grips is a roomy greenmarket shopping companion. The cyclist above brought her well-loved version to the new Smorgasburg festival of food vendors and farm stands, which debuted last Saturday along the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Club Monaco is currently selling a similar basket (below) for $49.50.

Baskets - Club Monaco

photos: velojoy


  • A lot of people think that just because you commute in bike you have to wear spandex from head to toe but that is not practical when you are going to a meeting or just to look presentable.

    Great ideas and will keep them in mind.

    Loved the photos.

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