six picks from the new amsterdam bicycle show

Biria Bikes - New Amsterdam Bicycle Show NYC
photos: Kim Burgas

Guest post: Kim Burgas, avid cyclist, graphic designer and host of the Get Fancy art

gallery rides, shopped the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show for velojoy last weekend and shares her faves here. Kim regularly rides in heels — with toe cages.


Many cyclists found refuge in the quiet streets of Chelsea during last weekend’s successful and well-attended New Amsterdam Bike Show.

The timing of the show, presented by the New York Press and benefiting Transportation Alternatives, couldn’t have been better. It was a pleasure to see familiar faces, reinstate a sense of community and be reminded that, despite the current complexity of cycling politics in New York City, riding a bike is still a simple, innocent pleasure.

Geared toward city cycling, the show featured bicycle and accessories manufacturers, local retailers and cycling organizations on three floors of Center 548 on West 22nd Street. Also on tap: panel discussions, book signings, a bike demo area and a fashion show that drew a mid-afternoon crowd.

These were some of my favorite finds:

Biria Bicycles (photo above): This line of affordable, commuter, Dutch-style bicycles is a good choice for the first-time buyer who is looking to cruise around town without having to worry about inevitable dings that come with street parking. Although I currently ride a road bike, I have been thinking about purchasing a second bicycle for more leisurely outings and consider Biria a fitting option. Biria bicycles can be found at several retail stores throughout the city.

Vespertine Corset Vest - New Amsterdam Bicycle Show NYC

Corset Safety Vest: Newcomer Vespertine makes reflective safety vests with a kick. The Gogo, in citron or nude orange, is one of several styles designed around a “safe is sexy” philosophy. A front zipper makes it easy to slip the garment on for day- and night-time riding visibility. The vests are manufactured in New York City’s Garment District using sustainable materials. Available at Hudson Urban Bicycles.

Biomega Bike - New Amsterdam Bicycle Show NYC

Biomega LDN: It’s not for the New York City commuter, but the LDN is still one of my favorite picks from the show, as it pushes to the max the use of design aesthetics to engage a new audience.  It would be great to see more companies embrace style as a functional element in city riding.

Truce Bags - New Amsterdam Bicycle Show NYC

Truce Bags: As a city cyclist/commuter/wannabe fashionista, I am always looking for a stylish yet functional bag to wear to work and out in the evening — something that doesn’t shout “college student” or “messenger,” because I’m neither. Even with lots of recommendations from fellow cyclists, I hadn’t found the bag…until the show.

Portland-based Truce offers a line of beautifully designed, weather-proof, and environmentally-friendly bags, totes and patch kits made from re-purposed fabrics.

Cycleogical - New Amsterdam Bicycle Show NYC

Spoke Reflectors: These little buggers made by Cycleogical attach to your spokes, transforming your entire wheel into a reflector.  A necessity for city riding indeed; my only concern would be theft. Would people really steal tiny spoke reflectors?  Sadly, in New York City, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Outlier Cycling Caps - New Amsterdam Bike Show

Cycling Caps: Outlier believes that cycling should be embraced as a viable means of everyday transportation, so they tailor their apparel and outerwear to the needs of the commuter. These cute caps fit the bill: simple, well-designed, water-resistant and breathable, they’re a great accessory for both on and off your bike.

photos: Kim Burgas


  • The spoke reflectors are brilliant,a great evening safety feature, I hope they’re priced so that the theft factor isn’t a deterrent. The style of the LDN does pop — a few more fashion forward designs will attract outsiders to cycling.

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