the newest bicycle accessory? a flamethrower

Broom Bike

We don’t need any more wickedness in the New York City bike lanes, what with the Bikelash and all.  And few of us would court comparisons with a certain dognapper-on-a-bike and green-faced witch in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. But wouldn’t it be a trip to take this custom Broom Bike for an April Fool’s Day spin around town?

Picture rolling up to an intersection with a nonchalant nod to the folks in the crosswalk (see tourists scramble for their Flip cams!), or better yet, activating the flames when a passing taxi threatens to become a part of your bike’s paint job.

It’s not easy to predict how New Yorkers would react (or not), but here’s what the bike’s maker, Jason Broemmel, a San Francisco metal fabricator, found in his own home town:

I would ride by and people –they’d be waiting at the bus stop or whatever — would just ignore it. Sometimes people avoid looking at things because it’s just too weird for them.

That sounds about right, my pretty. Treat yourself to Broemmel’s other whimsical creations here.

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