a bike umbrella holder to fend off spring showers

Not only do citizens of the Netherlands, population 16.7 million, own an estimated 18 million bicycles, but they’ve also dreamed up a pretty civilized rain hack. The website for the Drybike umbrella holder, shown above, lauds cycling as green, healthy, economical and efficient, but notes (via Google Translate), “The biggest drawback of the bike is still that eternal rain and the associated wet suit!” The solution for commuters: Attach the Drybike to the handle bars, clamp in the umbrella of choice, and adjust the height and angle according to individual preference. When not in use, the gadget, which costs about $24, telescopes down compactly and tilts forward, out of the rider’s way.

Although I’ve rarely seen cyclists in New York City wielding umbrellas, the video below reveals that plenty of Dutch riders carry them casually on the protected cycle paths that are widely available in some parts of Europe and now gaining popularity here and in other U.S. cities. As for the umbrella holder, looks like there’s still room for market penetration.

photo: Drybike

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