ring dings: why bike bells are like cupcakes

Bells are the cupcakes of bike accessories, don’t you think? Small, sweet, fancily decorated. The only difference is that cupcakes are optional (on most days, anyway) and bells are a necessity, at least for riding in the city where pedestrians often wander into bike lanes with large dogs and small children. When my black, factory-issue bell fell silent last week — frightened to death, no doubt, by its encounter with my beasty gloves — I went looking for something a little more expressive to mount on my handlebars. Happily, I found plenty of ding bling, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Bike Bells

Top: Public Federico, $12

First row (from left): Abbey Hill Creations Pink Crystal, $58, DringDring Cupcake, $29.99, Electra Sweetheart Ding Dong, $14.99

Second row (from left): SunLite I Love My Bike, $5.99, This Bike is My Car, $24, Cruiser Candy Pink Heart, $14.99

Top photo: Public Bikes

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