the hush of a snowbound new york city

Snow Covered Bicycle - NYC Bliz
photos: velojoy

What always surprises me on waking to the aftermath of a blizzard in the city is the splendid hush that a deep blanket of snow imparts. Cars sidelined. Construction halted. Trucks? Only if they’ve got plows attached. This almost innocent absence of ambient sound belies the chaos that two feet of snow imposes on the urban transportation system. And yet, the quiet, mingled with the temporary primacy of pedestrians, makes it possible to contemplate, in a very real way, the potential pleasures of a city less burdened by motor vehicle congestion.


And speaking of sustainable transportation, on Christmas Day I was lucky enough to be invited to a lovely open house at my friend Jamie’s apartment. How fun is the festively lit commuter bike that cast a warm and welcoming glow over her entry hall?

Festively Lit Bicycle - velojoy

photos: velojoy

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  • Wow, I thought your first photo was so lovely, but the second image of the light strung bicycle is now imprinted on my brain, and in my imagination. Is there a back story you can share about why your friend decided to decorate her bike?

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