cargo net cure for an overburdened bike basket

Bike Basket Wreath
Mini wreath from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm at Union Square Greenmarket.

At this time of year, a bike with a really roomy cargo hold, like a Bakfiets, would come in handy for holiday errands and gift hauling.  In the absence thereof, I rely on an often-overburdened — but festively decorated — rear-mounted basket. I use a simple, inexpensive cargo net to keep boxes and bags from bouncing. But remembering to take the net along in the morning, plus having to untangle it and stretch all the hooks across the basket each time I pack can be a hassle.

A simple solution is to use plastic zip ties, shown at the center of the photo below, to anchor the net across the rear width of the basket. That way, it’s always neatly attached and less likely to get snatched. In addition, it’s a cinch to stretch the two unsecured hooks across the basket when loading up.  (The mini wreath of princess pine is from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm at the Union Square Greenmarket.)

Bike Basket Cargo Net Close-Up

photos: velojoy

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