how to fashion your urban cycling wardrobe

Ready to Ride Fashion Show - Interbike 2010
Unisuit by Movmoda and Raleigh bike.
Ready to Ride Fashion Show - Interike 2010
B Spoke Tailor knickers with Nutcase helmet and Gazelle bicycle.

The Ready to Ride fashion show of urban styles for men and women at the Interbike  trade show delivers all the fizz of a runway show — with a twist.

You’ve got over-the-top ensembles, attractive guys and girls, and a cool playlist to help animate the action. But, instead of strutting, the models inside the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas ride the hottest new city bikes around an oval track, pausing to vamp on a ramp. Thankfully, instead of the wan, blank looks seen on fashion models, the riders here project energy and wink-wink humor.

View the Ready to Ride fashion show finale in HD here.

Sponsored by Momentum Magazine and Interbike, Ready to Ride, now in its third year, is all about motion, tapping into the growing popularity of city riding and commuting in urban centers across the nation.  The point is to inspire. This popular show culls from among Interbike exhibitors apparel and accessories that offer functionality, comfort and opportunities for creative self-expression.


Back in the day, cycling apparel mostly meant spandex jerseys and shorts, but a growing number of smaller, independent makers are catering to urban and lifestyle cyclists for whom biking represents transportation and an ordinary part of the day. They’re interested in comfort and performance, like stretch, moisture-wicking, water resistance and utility pockets. They may be into projecting cycling pride or riffing on classic biking looks, but spandex? No thanks.

Among the cycling fashion categories represented:

  • Tailored performance versions of traditional slacks and shirts, such as those made by Outlier (Ahem, only one style for women?)
  • Fashion designs that combine traditional and performance fabrics and incorporate details and features for cyclists. Example: Nona Varnado
  • Makers of popular road cycling apparel, such as Terry, offering performance basics that fit well into any active lifestyle.
  • Made-to-measure, including woolen cycling knickers for men and women by B Spoke Tailor.

Nobody wants to be a slave to fashion. After all, freedom is the core of a commitment to urban cycling. The good news: City riders have more options than ever before in cycling apparel that they can integrate into their daily wardrobes for riding comfort and style.

For most urban cyclists  the foundation of a biking wardrobe is a pair of pants. Readers, please recommend your favorites for girls and guys in the comments section!

top: Unisuit by Movmoda shown with Triple B hip pouch and Raleigh bicycle.

All photos: velojoy


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