a bike basket that handles bulky beach towels

A sturdy and generously proportioned bike basket by Basil makes it easy to transport bulky towels for late-summer dips at the beach.

Amply sized rectangles of absorbent terrycloth are practically a necessity for late-summer dips when emerging from the ocean becomes a chillier proposition. However, their bulk makes them awkward to transport to the beach by bike.

There’s no need to limit yourself to teeny towels, though. The Basil basket (right), which attaches to a rear rack with a pair of sturdy hooks, easily accommodates two jumbo, rolled-up towels – plus sneakers or the kids’ odds and ends.

The two outlines of bottles incorporated into the steel-wire design hint at the basket’s generous proportions: 9 x 13 x 13 inches. The nylon-grip handle makes it a cinch to lift and tote. Come autumn, the basket can revert to its intended purpose as a carrier of milk bottles, quarts of cider or recyclables.

The Basil Memories Bottle Basket ($36) is available at Adeline Adeline, 147 Reade Street, Manhattan.

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