cruiser bikes adorn hamptons boutique windows

Bike in Madewell Store Window East Hampton
Madewell displays a British Pashley bike, beach-ready with a woven basket. photo: velojoy
Cruiser bikes displayed in boutiques along East Hampton's major thoroughfares evoke late su

With bicycling to the beach the ultimate symbol of summer ease, perhaps it’s no surprise that clothing shops along East Hampton’s two major thoroughfares, Main Street and Newtown Lane, were cheerfully decorated last week with cruisers of every description. The hues of the tops, dresses and slacks had shifted from brights to neutrals in anticipation of the new season, but the promise of warm and breezy afternoons at the shore lingered on.

Bike in Steven Alan Store Window East Hampton
This Linus roadster in Steven Alan's window is for sale inside the shop. photo: velojoy
Bike in Tommy Hilfiger Store East Hampton
A vintage Schwinn Tornado presides over the jeans display at Tommy Hilfiger. photo: velojoy
Bike in Rugby Shop Window East Hampton
Rugby pairs sport shorts with a Mini Cooper folding bike made by Biria. photo: velojoy

top: Madewell displays a British Pashley bicycle, beach-ready with a woven basket. Photo: velojoy

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