koh sculptures pop from corn in hamptons

Statue in corn field - Southampton
photo: velojoy

My cycling friend Rich and I were surprised to encounter a series of remarkable sculptures planted amongst the corn rows on the north side of  Mecox Road, just west of Pauls Lane, in Watermill today. The half-dozen totemic, white figures, mouths open as if crying out, dotted the field at varying heights to dramatic effect. An environmental art installation? 21st century scarecrows? A little of both?  We couldn’t be sure, but we got off our bikes to take a closer look.

Subsequently, we learned that this installation, entitled Children of the Corn, is the latest by the Canadian artist Terence Koh, whose work has been exhibited internationally. Vogue.com reported that it had been unveiled in Hamptons fashion to a celebrity-studded crowd at a party on Aug. 7.

Sorry we missed the fete, but this unexpected discovery along an otherwise familiar route made our morning bike ride memorable in its own way.

photo: velojoy

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