eat pray love…bike. what’s julia roberts riding?

Behind-the-scenes: Julia on the bike set up as a trike for filming "Eat Pray Love." photo: via twitter Electra Bicycle Company.
In the film "Eat Pray Love," the Liz Gilbert character played by Julia Roberts pedals a bicycle through lush locales. What's the ride of choice for a journey of self-discovery?

This photo in last Sunday’s New York Times caught my eye. It’s a production still of Julia Roberts gliding through a lush locale in Eat Pray Love, the much-anticipated movie based on the best-selling memoir of travel and self-discovery by Elizabeth Gilbert.


photo: Francois Duhamel/Columbia Pictures via The New York Times

The film trailer includes several shots of the actress, who stars as Liz Gilbert, astride her bicycle with wind-swept hair — possibly reflecting either a metaphor for the character’s spiritual quest in India and Bali, or a sensible stab at recovery from the “no carbs left behind” pasta experiment in Italy. So what’s the bicycle of choice when one “risks everything to find oneself and rekindle one’s appetite for life?”  Looks like a slightly modified Electra Ticino Lux in bronze metallic.  Am I right? According to Chris at Electra, it’s an Amsterdam Sport 3i. That exact model is no longer available, but here’s the link to the current Amsterdam line.

As usual, Julia wears  — uh, rides — it well. The film opens August 13.

Electra Amsterdam.


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