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Stomach ull of anger T shirt - Tour de France 2010
Is Tour de France 2010 nostalgia setting in after Sunday's conclusion in Paris? The 'My Stomach is Full of Anger' t-shirt commemorates the Stage 15 controversy between cyclists Andy Schleck of Luxembourg and the eventual winner of this year's tour, Alberto Contador of Spain.

You don’t have to be a fan of the Tour de France to appreciate the refreshingly raw sentiment expressed on this t-shirt. As cyclists, haven’t we all experienced this thought — say, when a motorist cuts us off or when a taxi passenger opens the door into the bike lane?

“My stomach is full of anger, and I want to take my revenge,” said Andy Schleck of Luxembourg in the midst of the brouhaha that erupted over the Spanish rider Alberto Contador’s supposed breach of Tour etiquette in attacking during Schleck’s chain-drop near the conclusion of Stage 15.

The two cyclists made up well before the three-week, 2,263-mile Tour concluded last Sunday in Paris with Contador landing his third victory and Schleck finishing second. But don’t Schleck’s fighting words and steely gaze deserve to be immortalized in bold graphics on a cool commemorative T-shirt? Sure they do.

Men’s and women’s styles and sizes are available for $19 plus tax and shipping. Five percent of profits go to World Bicycle Relief, a bicycle industry partnership that helps provide disaster assistance and poverty relief through distribution of free bikes to needy individuals.


Top photo: mystomachisfullofanger.com


  • Don’t we all feel that way sometimes…like when it’s too D**n hot to ride. Or, of course when you have your chain at 38-12 and its so D**n slack it falls off the chainwheel. Oh well.. busy weekend coming up!

  • Jon — so well said that I updated the post. Schleck’s Tour quote touched on a broader sentiment. Thanks for commenting!

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