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Cleverhood Cleverlite

Cleverhood Cleverlite Rain Capes Debut

Fellow fans of Cleverhood rejoice. The outerwear brand that perfected the rain cape for bicycle commuting with a feature-packed combination of style and performance,…

Wool Wrist Warmers by Dusk Brooklyn

Zero-Waste Wool Wrist Warmers

Wool wrist warmers for everyday cycling help block drafts while adding a pop of color and texture to your look.

Lady Haberton Bag

Le Messenger Satchel for Commuting

Lady Haberton, a brand of stylish messenger bags for cycling has created Le Messenger, a water-resistant, full-grain leather satchel that combines elegance and utility for female urban bicycle commuters.


6 Women’s Cycling Jackets to Wear Now

Before we dive into the deep freeze, there’s still plenty of autumn pedaling to enjoy. The common denominator for warmth, comfort and style on…


Banana Republic Bicycle Mania

Banana Republic is showing their bike love for fall with a cute tee, scarf and socks adorned with vintage-style two wheelers. The slouchy boat…


Stylish Panniers Look Like Purses

Panniers, those bags that mount on the rear rack of a bicycle, take a more sophisticated turn with the Mira collection, introduced by passionate…